Introduction to Vaastu (Indian Feng Shui) Webinar


Introduction to Vaastu (Indian Feng Shui):
How the Five Elements Can Make Or Break Your Life

A lively webinar in the ancient Vedic science of Vaastu — the information from which Feng Shui derived

“You can fix your life by using Vaastu. Seriously, it will really change your life.
You can lift your life and come out of your sorrows. Even if you don’t understand, simply follow the Vaastu principles; they will still help you. I have seen and fixed a lot of people’s homes around the world. I have seen how it really changed their lives.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

Can living in harmony with the Five Elements really support success in life?

Join master teacher Alx Uttermann in exploring this exciting Vedic science of combining architecture and land development, the arrangement of homes, apartments, offices, spiritual centers, and other buildings, with the energies of the Five Elements of creation.

Find out how aligning your home with the earth, fire, sky, water, and air combined with the cardinal directions and sub-directions can create a victory in all areas of your life.

Living in accordance with vaastu can fix 80% of life’s problems, including illnesses, financial stress, and family troubles.

An understanding of vaastu principles creates tremendous insight into spiritual realities, including enlightenment, karmas, and healing.

This new detailed approach to the ancient knowledge, Kaleshwar Vaastu, shared soem similarities with Feng Shui and other vaastu systems — yet is a more effective and more sustainable system, over time.

Good vaastu affects health, prosperity, emotional balance, happiness, relationships, and spiritual development in auspicious ways.

Bad vaastu, on the other hand, can lead to supreme failures in any of those areas.

Vaastu basics will be introduced in this webinar. The practical applications include a demonstration of how anyone can improve their home’s vaastu — and the corresponding aspects of their lives — in a surprisingly short time.

This material is highly recommended for healers of all varieties, Sai students, and anyone interested in deep spirituality.

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