Feb. 20: The Inner Secrets Of Healing Mastery – Free


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An introduction on Zoom with Q & A

Sunday, February 20th
2:00 p.m. – 3:30 via Zoom


Please note this is a Zoom meeting — you’ll need to register at this link https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwsf-GrpzwrG9U4ZBmg1GCI1L0BvOtf9Ros to receive the meeting access information.

You're invited... to unlock your healing mastery potential!

If you are already a healer, do you ever wonder:
- if there's more to healing than the modes you already use?
- where you can find the highest healing secrets & techniques?
- how you can develop your own healing mastery to its fullest potential?

If you are interested in becoming a powerful healer but don't know where to start... you've come to the right place.

Welcome to the Healing Mastery Program introduction, with Q & A!

This conversation is for you if:

- You're interested in becoming a top healer, handling miracle energies with clarity and knowledge of exactly what they are, in order to help people heal at the most profound level possible.

- You are interested in the reality of this creation, understanding what is the real healing, what is the illusion of suffering, the different levels of
human heartbreak and trauma, at the soul level.

- You are interested in experiencing and sharing the depth of the inner mechanisms -- the healing secrets traditionally kept hidden by top healing masters -- in order to help humanity reach a higher level of consciousness.

As a global healing inspirational leader, I have been facilitating mastery training for hundreds of healers, worldwide, since 2000 -- teaching everything that I learned over many years living and learning in South India, from the miracle healing saint, Sri Kaleshwar.

In the summer of 2021, I created a formal year-long Healing Mastery Program for the first time, and the results are phenomenal!

I am looking forward to joining the students in this current program to share experiences, inspiration, and practical knowledge of healing with you.
We'll also DO a healing meditation for everyone on the Zoom call, so you can experience the energy yourself.

Looking forward to sharing this divinely empowering time with you!

Alx Uttermann, UCBK

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