The Essence Of Soul Mates


Join UCBK’s master teacher Alx Uttermann for this powerful webinar teaching that will expand your understanding of what a soul mate really is, what the role of a soul mate is, and how having a proper soul mate impacts your spiritual awakening and healing abilities.

Without having a soul mate, it’s highly impossible to receive the enlightenment.
Once you contacted your soul mate, you can automatically reach your destiny.
You will cross your life very smoothly and happily.
It will only be possible through connecting (with) that soul mate forever and ever.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

In the West, it’s easy to fall into the cliché of a ‘soul mate’ or ‘twin flame’ as one’s romantic partner… but there are many more, deep layers to the soul mate relationships in this this world.

We will explore the practical teachings of Sri Kaleshwar and the ancient saints of India — including Jesus Christ — and emerge with a more profound, challenging, and ultimately satisfying feeling about what a real soul mate really is.

In this webinar, you will learn:

- How God’s mirrorism influences soul mates
- The different types of soul union in this world
- Where soul mates come from
- How to recognize your primary soul mate
- The soul mate’s role in your enlightenment
- How to split the soul/soul travel, through Mother Divine’s womb chakra, once you have a soul mate

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