The Technology Of Soul Objects Webinar


“Your soul object is a part of an unbelievable energy to give blessings and healings to the globe and help take out pain from a lot of people”
– Sri Kaleshwar

An in-depth teaching about soul objects — the specific kind of power object that is, according to Sri Kaleshwar and the siddhas of this lineage of top healers, essential to spiritual success in this world.

Many people have gotten soul objects via Swami Kaleshwar, Penukonda, or senior teachers (post-samadhi of Sri Kaleshwar in 2012), and aren’t really all that clear about what a soul object is, how to use it, or what to do once you have one.

Still other students are planning to get a soul object, and would like to know more about them.

Regardless of whether you currently have a soul object, or not, but are interested in the deep knowledge of this subject matter, this is the webinar for you!

We explored and illuminated a wide range of subjects:

- Different kinds of soul objects
- The history of Sri Kaleshwar introducing them
- Benefits of having a soul object
- Uses of a soul object
- Healing techniques with a soul object
- Links to the JC Yantra, the Brahma Consciousness, the Womb Chakra, and soul mates

If you are unfamiliar with these subjects that link to the soul objects, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the JC Yantra, the Holy Womb Chakra, the Brahma Consciousness, and the subject of soul mates in the way that Sri Kaleshwar means the term.

These subjects are addressed in The Real Life And Teachings Of Jesus Christ (available as an e-book), the book by Sri Kaleshwar, as well as in our in-depth, pre-recorded webinars.

You can find out more about obtaining a soul object from UCBK here…

Upon purchase of this webinar, you’ll receive the links to the lengthy handout of this material (PDF), and a downloadable video file of the entire teaching.

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