Sri Kaleshwar Blessed Rudraksha Mala


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UCBK has an extremely limited quantity of these powerful rudraksha seed malas that were personally, directly blessed by miracle healing saint Sri Kaleshwar. We are extremely honored to be sharing them, at this time.

The rudraksha is the ‘tear of Shiva’, a special seed that grows on trees in India. They are sacred in the Vedic tradition, holding energy and radiating the blessing and the consciousness of Shiva, the infinity of God the Father.

These malas are extreme power objects, linked directly back to the divine soul that is Sri Kaleshwar.

(The rudraksha seed mala can be restrung on a softer string, or on silver wire or even gold wire — up to you once you receive it, if you’d like to restring it, or preserve the original threads between the beads.)

Wearing and/or meditating with such a highly blessed, rudraksha mala brings enormous peace, clarity, inner light, protection, and divine support to your life and work.

Uses of the rudraksha mala:

- Wear it for extreme protection, blessing, and healing, in your life
- Wear or hold when giving healings to others, will enhance your energy capacity by 15%
- Keep it near where you sleep at night for continual blessing & protection from Sri Kaleshwar
- Use for japa meditation — any meditation process where counting mantras is required
- Connect directly to Sri Kaleshwar’s soul for blessing, charging, and decharging

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