Sri Chakra Yantra



Sri Chakra Yantra on copper with plexiglass frame

The Sri Chakra Yantra is the energy home of Mother Divine, the female principle of the divine energy that is the Creator. It contains the whole energetic blueprint of our creation: the planet, the souls, the angels, divine souls, deities, negativity, nature of god, manifest creation, the maya or illusion, the five elements, all healings and blessings, siddhis (supernatural abilities), and more.

This form of the Sri Chakra is a special gift to us, in this world, from the exact research and consciousness inquiry of miracle healing saint Sri Kaleshwar. He gave this Sri Chakra to spiritual students, to use as a direct means of accessing the blessings (spiritual, healing, and material) of Mother Divine directly.

“The Sri Chakra is the home of Mother Divine… The Sri Chakra has immense attraction capability, highest magnetism nature and the highest sucking energy in the universe. It is the supreme power that totally focuses on the fulfillment of all desires, spiritual and material. Everything exists in the Sri Chakra and comes from the Sri Chakra, both good and bad.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

When the Sri Chakra sees an individual, it takes a kind of ‘snapshot’ of that soul, and immediately begins to pour the deepest blessing, of the deepest desires of that person, to them.

Uses of the Sri Chakra Yantra:

- Hang in your home to have a continual flow of blessing to your soul

- Have on your altar as an embodiment of Mother Divine and Her blessings

- Hold when giving healings to others

- Hold the yantra (in the frame) while meditating to deepen your relationship with Mother Divine

- Have healing clients lay on the yantra for powerful healing energy

Curious about this yantra?

Click link to order our in-depth webinar (pre-recorded) to learn the knowledge, healing technologies, and how to draw/use the Sri Chakra yourself.

Each Sri Chakra Yantra is approximately 12” x 12” - the corresponding frame is slightly larger.

Each plexiglass frame comes with a clear attachment for easy hanging.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for creation/delivery of your yantra

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