Sri Chakra Yantra Print



Sri Chakra Yantra – “Angelic Mandala” – Giclee Print

  • Size: 18”x18”
  • Printed using archival inks on quality canvas, ready to hang.
  • Please Note: Turnaround time is typically two weeks or longer, to allow for printing and hand embellishing. The artist, Carmen ships directly to you.

“The Sri Chakra is the home of Mother Divine… The Sri Chakra has immense attraction capability, highest magnetism nature and the highest sucking energy in the universe. It is the supreme power that totally focuses on the fulfillment of all desires, spiritual and material. Everything exists in the Sri Chakra and comes from the Sri Chakra, both good and bad.” – Sri Kaleshwar

This dazzling “Angelic Mandala” version of the Sri Chakra Yantra, created by artist Carmen DeVida, has Sri Kalehswar’s Sri Chakra at the center within a larger sixteen-petal design.

The giclee print is an exact duplication of the original painting — plus Carmen carefully and lovingly hand-embellishes each canvas with the same gold paint used on her original.

  • The Sri Chakra Yantra brings the energy of Mother Divine into your home or space, to bless and uplift your life.
  • It’s best to hang on a South or West or Southwest wall in your home/bedroom/office/meditation room.

A few words from the artist, Carmen DeVida…
“In 2005, I was introduced to Sri Kaleshwar's teachings by Alx & Jonathan in Santa Cruz, California. This introduction was a deep dive into spirituality, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I wholeheartedly embraced the teachings and made numerous trips to the ashram in India with Alx & Jonathan, where I experienced the immense Divine Blessings of Swami and the Guru Parampara.

I was also grateful to be part of the bhajan band at UCBK and help facilitate the weekly Friday Free Lunches for the hungry, among other things.

As a visual artist, I started painting mandalas a few years ago and have found joy in that as well. Nowadays, I continue to integrate Sri Kaleshwar's teachings and reside in a quaint coastal town near Monterey.”

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