Sponsor a Fire Homa


SPONSOR FEE: $30 per person/per homa
Homas can be sponsored even if it is not possible to be physically present at the ceremony. In this way, the sponsor will still be able to receive the blessings and positive energy from the homa. The fire homa can be dedicated to yourself or a loved one – their/your name will be read aloud during the homa to send the powerful blessing straight to that person(s) for healing, blessing and spiritual upliftment.

Fee is $30 per person/per homa. You are not required to attend a homa that you sponsor, if you do also attend, there is an extra ATTENDANCE FEE:  $20/per person



You can contact Alx for specifics if you're interested in becoming a sponsor, either by calling 831-421-1921 (West LA) or emailing UCBK directly.

If you prefer to sponsor by sending a check, it should be made out to The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen & sent to 11927 Kiowa Ave, #2, Los Angeles, CA 90049.

One fire homa is roughly the equivalent of a month's worth of focused meditation, to the soul - it's a huge charging up, a strengthening, of our soul fires.

ON THE DAY: To receive the maximum benefit and healing from the homa fires, and because of the super-intense energies involved, it's highly advisable on the actual day of the homa to eat vegetarian food only and avoid intoxicants.

Special arrangements can be made by emailing or call/text Alx  (831) 421-1921

Sponsor A Homa! The dakshina (suggested donation) for sponsoring a fire homa is $30 per person (& per homa).

Come enjoy the healing power of the fire element, at a Vedic fire ceremony (homa, or yagyam). Using the fire element and the power of this high auspicious time of the new moon to bless the heart and heal the soul.

TO ATTEND A HOMA - please click link to add to your cart.

Using the special power of the new moon (when the moon is at its darkest), to help decharge whatever stress, strain, anxiety, dis-ease, and overwhelm you may be carrying, you'll find a rapid release and relief in your life - leaving you free to create beautiful activities or maintain balance in your everyday life. The ancient saints of India kept their sacred fires burning continually, as a way of helping purify the atmosphere and the consciousness in this world.

To learn more, click what to expect at a homa/puja and watch this video.

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