Shiva Lingams – Black


Shiva lingams are the special egg-shaped stones (either carved or created by nature) — the shape signifies the infinity of the divine masculine energy, as there is no beginning and no end to the rounded shape.

Shiva lingams come in all sizes and colors, and materials. Ours are small enough to hold in your hand — in varying sizes from approximately 1” to 2” long.

These Shiva Lingams have been specially charged with the divine energy flowing through top power objects at UCBK — so they are extra-powerful.

Uses of the Shiva Lingam:

- Hold during meditation to enhance your experience
- Have on your altar as a divine power conduit to bless your home
- Use when giving healings to others, will enhance your energy capacity by 15%
- Decharge to the Shiva Lingam

The unique property of black stones - any black stones - is that they are great for decharging stress and negativity. A Shiva lingam, in particular, amplifies the effect of decharging. These lingams are especially compatible with the Energetics Of Self-Care self-healing technology.

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