Special Santa Cruz Five Elements’ Process


A phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime webinar/initiation in the inner Five Elements, linking them (in your soul) to Shiva, via a special process from Sri Kaleshwar

$140 Bundled Discount, save when purchased in conjunction with the Maha Pancha Bhutas: The Inner Elements Process. Buy bundle here https://ucbk.org/bundle-jan-29-feb-6th-five-elements-events/

“What I want to give in this process is linking the Inner Elements with the Shiva energy — you’re asking the elements to pull Shiva energy in your life.
You need to experience the Generator, Operator, and Destroyer (G.O.D.) right in front of you.
You have to experience it.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in a spiritual experience of a lifetime — through the extraordinary video lecture and initiation from Sri Kaleshwar. This process was unique — literally — given only once, in Santa Cruz, California, by Kaleshwar directly.

In the winter of 2006, Sri Kaleshwar came to the USA and gave some unbelievable supernatural mastery teachings, including the Kala Chakra (at Joshua Tree) and the Santa Cruz Special Five Elements’ Process (in Santa Cruz, CA).

This process is an incredibly deep layer in the Five Elements, activating both the conventional Five Elements as well as the Inner Elements, in all those who were present when the initiation was given. (It is still advisable to learn those mantras & knowledge about them.) Yet there were hidden layers in the Elements’ energies, too, that got enlivened through the process — particularly how they are linking with Shiva.

The energy transmission is a direct experience of what Ramakrishna Paramahamsa received during his instruction from Yogeshwari, the Bhairavi Mata (top female saint) who initiated him into these spiritual energy channels.

Divine gift for all of us: this special Five Elements’ Process includes a video of Sri Kaleshwar himself, on that day, directly teaching and transmitting the high-powered knowledge and energy. This video and initiation are a major part of the webinar.

Suitable for anyone with a sincere spiritual heart — this process can be done by beginners or advanced students, alike.

This webinar includes:

- The Santa Cruz Special Five Elements’ Process transcript
- The actual process mantra & diksha to do a successful process
- Video of Sri Kaleshwar teaching the actual process & giving the initiation!
- A group meditation on the mantra, during the webinar

You will need:
- A candle and lighter ready, to use in the transmission/initiation part of the program
- A japa mala [https://ucbk.org/lotus-seed-mala-rosary/]

Come ready to have your mind blown, your heart opened, and your soul singing, filled with the Shiva energy!

This webinar will be recorded, so those unable to attend live will receive the full teaching/initation.

***Special note: It is super-helpful for everyone attending this webinar to get the knowledge of the Inner Elements, as well…https://ucbk.org/maha-panchas-five-elements-process/ which is why we’ve made a bundled discount if you register for BOTH webinars.

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