9/17 – 10/28 The Real Bliss: Soul Travel Group Meditation Process


A 41-day group process
Thursday, September 17th – Wednesday, October 28th
$160 advance registration, $180 on the starting day

Sliding scale available in case of sincere need, contact Alx to discuss babaskitchen@123mail.org

“You can enjoy the real bliss. The real enlightenment––the abbreviation of enlightenment––is once your soul leaves from your body and comes back, then you’re really enlightened. 

With enlightenment you have only joy; you’re not the real enlightened person. Many people think, ‘Okay, I gave shaktipat to you. I transferred energy to you. You’re enlightened, go.’ That’s not enlightenment. 

Whatever you carried with you, the house, get out from that house, stay one or two days there, or at least a few hours, then come back again in the house. Wake up and you see that life and this life. Make a bridge. That’s enlightened.” – Sri Kaleshwar

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in a deep, experiential meditation group, over a 41-day exploration into the real bliss.

This special meditation group process will include practicing the exact mantra formulas to experience soul traveling, together, as a group.

What are the benefits of soul travelling?

- Experiencing the real enlightenment

- Understanding what is the soul, different from the physical body

- Learning to do healing work/service on the cosmic level

- Beginning to handle Kala Chakra (Time), going backwards and forwards

- Getting familiar with going out, coming back in

- Enjoy the real bliss in your soul

During this 41-day process, in addition to our daily meditations, we will meet weekly via Zoom and receive/share deep teachings about the mechanics of soul traveling.

There are many, many angles!

Serious meditators are welcome — especially those who have a power spot in Penukonda.

Registered participants will receive an email about the launch of this process, plus the scheduled Zoom teaching/sharing meetings throughout the 41-day process time.

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