Practical Healing With The Five Elements: A How-To Webinar


Video recording of a hands-on clinic workshop for practitioners in using the Five Elements healing techniques, and giving shaktipat

“When you have the strongest confidence, the strongest faith, that makes you a powerful healer.
You’re able to give strong service to the human beings.
You can share the strongest energy with all of your friends… it means your soul energy is totally commanding on the person.
It is mainly your soul doing it.”

– Sri Kaleshwar

Join UCBK’s master teacher Alx Uttermann in this filmed version of a hands-on tutorial in the nuts and bolts of using the Five Elements’ energies for healing… as well as learning to give shaktipat for healing others.

In this webinar, you will learn:

– The A-Z of setting the space for optimal healing
– How to initiate the healing process with a client
– The importance of power objects during healing
– How the individual elements’ mantra processes work
– What giving an element’s healing feels like
– What receiving an element’s healing feels like

It is one layer of purification and learning to charge the Five Elements’ mantras and have them at the ready for healing application. It is a DEEPER level of learning and purification to actually put them into use, doing the healings and experiencing the energy in motion, ie, how it really affects the healing recipient. (And you, as the healer.)

In the pre-recorded webinar, you can see and hear the experiences and reflections of both healers and healees during the different element processes. It is a really helpful step for all students of the Five Elements, to develop the confidence and start giving these healings to others.

Upon purchase, you’ll receive the PDF handout of the teaching materials, and the Dropbox link to download the teaching video.

Pre-requisite: Students must have taken on the Five Elements Process, and have charged or are currently charging the mantras in that system. As long as you are into the Sky Mantra charging, or through it, you are eligible to do healings with the Earth and Fire elements already.

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