Shirdi Baba Statue – Power Object


Beautiful statue of Shirdi Sai Baba, made from pressed marble dust — super-charged into a power object from the brick piece (that belonged to Shirdi Baba during his lifetime) at UCBK.

Excellent for doing abisheks, arathis, and holding to meditate.

These Baba statues are a lovely addition to your altar, and make beautiful gifts to devotees or students of Shirdi Baba, as well.

Each statue is approximately 7 inches tall (they may vary slightly). We are able to get other sizes, too — just ask via email or text.

Allow a few weeks for delivery as these come from India, originally.

“If from the master’s own mouth he says it is a power object, it doesn’t matter what, the energy has to flow from him. That is the God judgment. Suppose a master gave you some of his hair, or his shaved beard, or he bought you a Shiva statue and said, “Keep it. It’s your power object.” Then the energy has to flow from him to you through that object.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

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