Dec 12-25: Jesus Christ: The Power In The Love Group Meditation Process


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Special Christmas Group Meditation Process
December 12th – 25th 2022

Monday, December 12th – Sunday, December 25th

with a Saturday, December 10th, launch meeting on Zoom

$275 Early Bird registration through December 2nd
$320 registration December 3rd – 9th (process group closes on the 9th)

“My mission is to bring Jesus’ life in a beautiful way to the planet and to prepare my students to be like Jesus…

I am preparing the strongest healers to create real love and a peaceful atmosphere on the planet.
That day is coming.
That time is coming.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

Jesus Christ: The Power In The Love
A Special Christmas Group Meditation Process

Immersed in the love, power, and consciousness of the Christ within you

A beautiful 14-day process, full of teachings, meditations, and transmission, up to and through Christmas Day…. available online via Zoom to anyone in the world.

Let’s spend this holy time together, being and bringing more light to the world!

This process is open to anyone, of any spiritual level, including total beginners in this ‘new ancient tradition’ of spirituality from India.

(All Zoom meetings will be recorded for those unable to attend live)

This special process includes:
- A powerful group meditation process to do daily to connect directly to the healing, miraculous Christ Consciousness — especially coming through both the divine love and the divine power
- Unique, never-before-shared mantra linked straight to the power of Christ
- Special group satsangs/teachings by Zoom for expanded knowledge & support
- Inspiring video teachings & slide shows from Sri Kaleshwar (and Alx Uttermann) to deepen your understanding of Jesus in India and the power of the Christ Consciousness in you
- Members’ photos under Jesus-given and related power objects at UCBK for the duration of the process (through Christmas Day) for blessings to flow directly to each group member
- Palpable experience of the Jesus energy/Christ Consciousness
- Strong links to Penukonda, India, and the Christ blessing flowing from that power place

Registered participants will receive an email about the launch of this process, plus the scheduled Zoom teaching/sharing meetings throughout these five holy days, as we get closer to December 10th.

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