Pearl & Silver Cross Pendant



This small, elegant silver cross with pearls is a perfect piece of divinity to wear for balance, harmony, blessing, and protection, straight from the energy of Jesus Christ.

The cross is more than a religious symbol; it is the personal yantra (consciousness energy structure) of Jesus Christ — bringing his divine consciousness, unconditional love, healing, and blessings to whoever wears a cross, meditates with the cross, or simply visualizes the cross as a spiritual practice (or during healing work).

Each cross has been specially charged with the divine energy flowing through top power objects at UCBK — so they are linked powerfully to the Christ energy and consciousness.

Composed of silver and pearls, these crosses hold the divine energy stonrgly.

Comes with a delicate silver chain, gift bag & box.

The cross itself is almost 1 inch long.

Uses of the cross pendant:

- Wear it for continual protection, blessing, and healing
- Wear or hold when giving healings to others, will enhance your energy capacity by 15%
- Keep it near where you sleep at night for continual blessing & protection from the Christ Consciousness

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