Sri Chakra Yantra Webinar


Into The Heart Of Divine Mother: The Sri Chakra Yantra
An all-day workshop in and deep experience of the Divine Feminine energy structure & healing techniques.
“Mother is Mother, to every soul in the universe. She doesn’t belong to any religion.Every person’s life, we can create as a Sri Chakra. You can make your life as a Sri Chakra.”   – Sri Kaleshwar

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in this inspiring workshop, directly contacting the Divine  Feminine creation energy through ancient spiritual technology from India.

The Sri Chakra Yantra (yantra = energy diagram) is a special gift for spiritual students from any tradition or experience level, based on exact researches and expert inquiry into the nature of this creation by Sri Kaleshwar.

The Sri Chakra contains the whole blueprint for the creation: the planet, the souls, the angels, the divine souls, the deities, the negative souls, the nature of god, its relection into manifest creation, the maya or illusion nature in creation, the five elements, all healing and blessing energies…. and much more.
Most of all, the Sri Chakra is the home of the Mother Divine, the female principle of the divine energy that is the Creator.  Through understanding the Sri Chakra, you will also start to understand the inner energy of Mother Divine.

The Sri Chakra system is a powerful tool for healing any soul on the planet, anywhere.  We will discuss the benefits, especially the healing capacity, of the Sri Chakra.

During this course, participants will learn how to draw the Sri Chakra Yantra (on paper and on a copper sheet, to have its presence at home). Read about a miracle healing using the Sri Chakra.

To learn the Sri Chakra, you will need:
* Colored pencils or fine-tipped markers
* Large drawing paper (artist’s pad)
* A compass (for drawing circles)
* Ruler or other straight-edge
* White-out (probably!)

To put it on copper, you will need:
* A 12" x 12" copper sheet (UCBK sells these)
* Approx 14" x 14" smooth cardboard or foam board piece
* Masking tape
* An old ballpoint pen (preferably dried up, no ink any more)

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