Muruga: The Supreme Spiritual Warrior & Keeper Of The Vel Webinar


The inner nature and mechanism of Lord Muruga – and how his nature leads us to recognize our own spiritual capacity.
“I hope the student kingdom will recognize that whenever the maya wants to hit you, the maya will find a way. That is a standard line. Your duty is, to catch the Guru Parampara. Parampara. That’s why Adi Tiru Muruga
[chants first earth mantra]… beginning, ending Muruga element but not earth.
The vibrations.”   – Sri Kaleshwar

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in a deep adventure into your own energy system, courtesy of Lord Muruga!
Connecting, decoding and using the amazingly mystical energy and blessing of Muruga are the subject of this class.

Some ancient super powerful Muruga mantras, and protection mechanisms, will be shared to enable everyone to fully develop this channel, which Sri Kaleshwar gave out in the very beginning of his teaching.

We'll present a multifaceted, vibrant look at the different aspects of this divine powerhouse; from the Puranic stories about Muruga, as well as his weapons, his role in the human energy system, and his link to Sri Kaleshwar's energy and teaching.

Often hidden in plain sight, Muruga is a key player in the divine drama of our world, and his energy has merged with many top siddhas, including Mahavatar Babaji, Jesus Christ, Ramana Maharshi, Swami Kaleshwar and more.

Mother Divine gave the Shakti Vel, the power spear, to Lord Muruga so he could destroy the rakshasas’ negative forces in battle.

This is the same weapon UCBK's Jonathan Rosen received directly from Mother Divine through Swami Kaleshwar, during the Santa Cruz group's Mother Divine darshan program at the Penukonda ashram in March, 2008.

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