6-day Special Muruga Meditation Process. Thaipusam 2021


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Process: Saturday, January 23rd – January 28th (Thaipusam)
With the launch meeting on Zoom: Friday January 22nd 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. PST

$120 Early Bird Registration
$150 on the day

“I hope the student kingdom will recognize that whenever the maya wants to hit you, the maya will find a way. That is a standard line. Your duty is, to catch the Guru Parampara. Parampara. That’s why Adi Tiru Muruga
[chants first earth mantra]… beginning, ending Muruga element but not earth.
The vibrations.”   – Sri Kaleshwar

A Special Group Meditation Process:
Receiving Muruga’s structure (strengthening the third eye!) and strong shakti

A soul-strengthening 6-day process, full of teachings, meditations, and transmission, up to and through Thaipusam (the day Muruga received the Shakti Vel, his weapon, from Mother Divine)… available online via Zoom to anyone in the world.

We will be going very deep with Muruga, and his unique energy, expanding on the base of information from the existing video teaching about Muruga.

This powerful process is open to anyone, of any spiritual level, including total beginners in this ‘new ancient tradition’ of spirituality from India.

This special process includes:

- A powerful daily meditation process with a super-secret mantra, connecting directly to the special energy that is Lord Muruga

- Special group satsangs/teachings by Zoom for expanded knowledge & support

- The extensive pre-recorded video teaching about Muruga from Alx Uttermann ($120 value)

- Daily transmissions from the Shakti Vel to each member (via photographs)

- Palpable experience of the Muruga energy and Mother Divine

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