July 13 & 14: Miraculous Secrets Of Mother Divine: The Holy Womb Chakra Process (UK)

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A special divine weekend intensive with Alx Uttermann
July 13th & 14th, 2024

LOCATION: Private residence in Sunningdale, England, UK — address given upon registration

Early Bird Registration (until June 30th): £300 GBP ($375 USD)
Registration (July 1 – 10th): £350 GBP ($435 USD)

“In each person, there is a fire, a light. See that Light. That is She.
She’s infinite. But you’re also a part of that Infinity.
Mother Divine is the Mother to every soul in this universe.
She doesn’t belong to any religion at all.

In the seed, a huge tree is hidden.
The roots, all the leave, flowers, fruits, everything, is hidden in that seed.
It needs a process to put that seed in the ground to make it grow.… means, giving you initiation.
Initiation means lighting you, making your soul vibrations link to the channels of the cosmic soul.
Then it makes it easier for you to access your Womb Chakra.”

– Sri Kaleshwar

Join master teacher & healer Alx Uttermann in her first live teaching event in the UK!

During this action-packed weekend intensive, she will be sharing some of the ancient, secret spirituality of the top siddha masters of India (including the miracle healing saint Sri Kaleshwar, his master Shirdi Sai Baba, and many great saints of antiquity, including Jesus Christ).

Alx will be introducing a ‘new ancient tradition’ of the divine energy and mechanics of miracles, of high-level healing, of the Divine Feminine and Mother’s role in this creation… as well as teaching the Holy Womb Chakra Process, a 7000-year-old spiritual technology from ancient India.

Alx will begin with a powerful introduction to supernatural healing, to the real soul healing, how it’s possible and why it’s so needed in our world, but also giving a healing transmission to everyone attending, so you can really feel the energy for yourself.

Additionally, you’ll receive powerful mantra initiations, to keep developing and sustaining your own healing process, over time.

It’s time to bring the Mother back strongly!
The role of Mother Divine, the Divine Feminine, in our creation is an often intuited, deeply felt presence in our world (evidenced by so many spiritual traditions honoring/acknowledging/invoking some form of Mother). And yet, there are larger, deep teachings from India and the saints who were on intimate terms with Mother Divine (like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Lord Buddha, Jesus, and others) which have traditionally been kept secret, and protected, until humanity could mature, spiritually, enough to receive them properly. And until human beings at large would be able to use the energy in a divine way — to help heal the world.

Swami Kaleshwar was an expert on Mother Divine, from A – Z, and he trained his direct students, through actual experience with Her, to be able to share the reality of Her presence in this world, and Her fragrance, and the dynamics of how She is teaching each soul in this creation, through Her love and Her maya.

Alx will be sharing some of the powerful knowledge about Mother, as well as transmissions with Her energy, to help bring more understanding and experience of the Shakti, so you can access and recognize Mother more clearly, in your life.

The Holy Womb Chakra Process: The Foundation Of Healing
On the second day, Alx will teach the entire Holy Womb Chakra Process — a deep dive into the most sacred center in the human energy system (in both men and women).

The Holy Womb Chakra is a dynamic adventure into a 7000-year-old spiritual knowledge & meditation system, linking powerfully to Mother Divine and Her creation/healing ability.

A few benefits of learning/practicing the Womb Chakra Process:- Wash out past relationship traumas
– Heal heartbreaks and painful karmas
– Re-ignite your soul spark powerfully
– Re-awaken your creativity & inspiration
– Replace dramas with dharma
– Strengthen the soul & prepare for your soul mate
– Heal existing relationship issues
– Awaken miracle healing abilities

This day will culminate in a healing fire homa (ceremony), bringing Mother Divine’s miraculous healing energy and blessing to everyone present.

Experiential Learning, A Spiritual Adventure
Let’s share an adventure together — an experience of Mother Divine, the creatrix of our world, Her miracles, the healing power and transmission from Her and the great siddhas — as we move towards deep healing, increasing inner clarity and consciousness!

All are welcome, regardless of level of spiritual experience, or religion/path, or none.

Bring your open heart — come ready to have your mind, heart, and soul expanded through these luminous teachings and practical spiritual tools that you can use in your life, to heal and elevate yourself and others around you.

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