Maha Pancha Bhutas: The Inner Five Elements Process


An all-day webinar in the siddhic energy running through the Five Elements

$140 Bundled Discount, save when purchased in conjunction with the Special Santa Cruz Five Elements’ Process! Buy bundle here

“The beginning course on the elements, the Five Elements Process, purifies our body, charges our soul with the five elements and opens a connection to the cosmic energy.
That’s Part A. Part B, the Maha Panchabhutas Process is also for purification, but at an even deeper level.
It directly relates to your soul energy and your soul capacity.
Karmas will prepare and access through the influence of the five elements.
If you have a real strong energy, the five elements in you, then you can break the illusions.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

Inside each of the Five Elements of nature, there is a Shakti — the divine feminine force, the power. This webinar, based in the teachings of Paramashiva Yoga, will explore the inner elements, giving the deep inside information about how the karmas and illusions operate through the elements… and how we can break those deep, shakti-filled illusions in our own souls.

For those who have a power spot in Penukonda, India — the full process and initiation will be given.

Normally, it is not advisable to do these meditations without having a power spot in Penukonda. (But see bundled exception below.)

HOWEVER, it is HIGHLY advisable for serious spiritual students to learn the knowledge of the Inner Elements… because….


Special note!!!! And combined discount!

Both the Inner Elements AND The Special Santa Cruz Five Elements’ Process at one price:

The teachings/information in the Inner Elements support the energy process and initiation coming, in the Special Santa Cruz Five Elements’ Process, given in 2006 by Sri Kaleshwar in Santa Cruz, California.
We will be sharing THAT special process on Sunday, February 6th — with videos of Sri Kaleshwar giving the process and initiation directly.
The Special Santa Cruz Five Elements’ Process automatically CHARGES the Five Elements and Inner Five Elements, for all who do the process — so it provides a short-cut and by-pass to the power spot requirement to learning the Inner Elements.

Please have charged the original Five Elements’ mantras, or be engaged in the process of charging them.
(The original Five Elements Process is available here to start learning and charging.)

Please have a japa mala if you are planning to do the sadhanas in this process. []

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