Lotus Seed Mala (rosary)



High-quality lotus seed mala (108 beads plus the Guru bead on the end) from India.

These malas are perfect for doing all the meditations and spiritual process charging on, using each bead to count each mantra. Over time, the seeds become infused with the energy of your meditations, and they begin to radiate extreme healing, power, and protection to you.

Each lotus seed mala has been specially charged with the divine energy flowing through top power objects at UCBK — so they are extra-powerful to begin with.

Uses of the mala:

- Use during meditation to count mantras
- Create your mala as a personally-infused power object
- Wear when giving healings to others, will enhance your energy capacity by 15%
- Put the mala around a healing client to help them during healing
- Keep it near where you sleep at night for continual blessing & protection

The unique property of lotus seeds is that they link directly to the Divine Feminine energy, bringing a softened, flowing energy into your life.

These malas are especially compatible with the different meditation processes in this tradition, like the Five Elements Process, the Holy Womb Chakra Process, and others.

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