The Secret Nature Of Mother’s Nature Webinar: The Power of the Divine Feminine, Her Miracles, & You


Pre-recorded Webinar for Download – recorded on 10/10/20.

“Mother is Mother, to every soul in the universe…
She created the lion, She created the lamb.
She doesn’t belong to any religion.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

Have you ever wondered about the creation energy of God?
Where does it come from?
How does it express in our creation?
How does God’s power relate to each of us?

In the spiritual tradition of India, it is explained that the creative & power aspect of God’s energy (versus its infinite, unbounded silence and pure love) is the Divine Feminine energy.

Who or what IS the Divine Feminine?

Come experience the power of Mother Divine (and your own soul!) through this deep dive into Her energy & experiential transmission from master healer Alx Uttermann.

You will experience a shimmering blast directly from the Divine Feminine through:

- a dynamic slide presentation, including photos of miracles
- embodied stories rich in Mother’s presence
- an ancient Divine Mother mantra from the secret manuscripts of India
- a shaktipat (energy) transmission straight from the Mother Divine, via Alx

This online webinar will also include a discussion about the up-coming Navarathri Festival (Nine Days Of Mother Divine) and WHY it is such a powerful time of the year.

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