The Readiness is All: Karma Siddhanta, Paramashiva Yoga, & Hamlet


WEBINAR: The Readiness Is All: Karma Siddhanta, Paramashiva Yoga, & Hamlet

“The subject is the divine bee and the beehive, how the bee gives the nectar in the nature. I am talking the philosophy of Shakespeare here.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

Vedic Shakespeare! A 3 part webinar with handout exploring the depth of the Shiva energy & consciousness, in its range of supernatural awakening, surrender, soul mates, unconditional love, and divine silence, via Sri Kaleshwar & William Shakespeare.

The Puranas of Vedic India, the epic stories of the divine characters and their exploits, make up some of the deepest philsophical spiritual texts in our world. There are those who say the rishis (super-high consciousnes creator characters) wrote the scripts of human epochs (yugas), and then humanity has played out those scripts of the lila, or the divine play.

But rishis aren't limited to the foggy days of antiquity and nearly-forgotten histories of thousands of years ago -- we have experienced numerous rishis in our modern era, as well.... arguably none so influential on human language, thought, poetry, philosophy, and life itself, as William Shakespeare.

In fact, a deeper study of the epic stories of India yields the insight that the myths are describing, impeccably, the mechanisms of our creation (especially the human energy system) -- and many of the Shakespeare plots, themes, characters, and underlying currents are, similarly, describing the same mechanisms, using the English language instead of Sanskrit.

It could be said, with all seriousness, that Shakespeare wrote modern Puranas - with definite, conscious links to the Vedic tradition of ancient India. The lila is the thing!

In this workshop, (recorded in sections), we examine the fundamental energy mechanisms in our creation - Shiva’s relationships to the ultimate, Christ Consciousness… the role of Paramashiva Yoga, the layers of souls in our creation and its mechanisms (from negative spirits to angels), in the soul-mate relationship, and to the underlying cosmic truths.

On the one hand, we will explore contemporary teachings from a modern rishi, Sri Kaleshwar -- on the other hand, this webinar brings to life the parallel dynamics in Shakespeare's brilliant tragedy, Hamlet.

We go deeply into ALL of these approaches, during this eye-opening (and ear-and-consciousness-opening) workshop, watching the play in entirety...
to experience the divine fragrance, love, and lila, in this exposition of a modern Shiva Purana, given to the world by William Shakespeare.

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