Jiva Vidyas System & Yantra Webinar


NOTE: This is an ADVANCED workshop ans is not meant for beginners.

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in this advanced, highly mystical system, given out in 2003 by Sri Kaleshwar. Considered to be one of the “JC Channels,” the Jiva Vidyas involves a highly disciplined daily mantra practice. The system includes a yantra (energetic diagram) as well.

“The nectar hidden in the soul is called Jiva. Vidya means knowledge understanding, handling, how to create the sweetness, the nectar, in the soul.” – Sri Kaleshwar

Prerequisite: Participants should have a personal mantra, or can get one on the day. It is advisable to have a power spot in Penukonda to do this practice, or be committed to getting one as soon as humanly possible.

$140 in advance, $165 on the day
In case of sincere need/income loss from COVID19 closures, sliding scale accepted – contact Alx for details.

This is the first time UCBK is sharing this ancient knowledge on handling divine souls, and the Maha Kali form of Mother Divine. Jiva Vidyas is addressing the inner energy of the supernatural abilities in a direct way, building on the Paramashiva Yoga and Siddhi Purusha (Concorde) systems.

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