J.C. (Jesus Christ) Yantra



J.C. (Jesus Christ) Yantra on copper with plexiglass frame

The J.C. Yantra is the highest healing technology in our planet. This special yantra (divine energy structure) was created by 101 top saints in ancient days, under the direct guidance of Jesus Christ’s soul. It is the soul structure of the Christ Consciousness.

This yantra doesn’t appear anywhere on the planet except in ancient palm leaf manuscripts from South India, returned to our modern world through the miracle healing saint Sri Kaleshwar.

Having a J.C. Yantra in your home brings such a strong divine consciousness that no negativity (including negative spirits or black magic) can stay there. The energy flowing from the yantra on copper creates a high field of on-going protection and blessing.

These J.C. Yantras have been specially activated with the divine energy flowing through top power objects and processes at UCBK.

Uses of the J.C. Yantra:

- Hang in your home to provide blessing, spiritual upliftment, and protection
- Have on your altar as a divine power conduit to bless your home
- Hold when giving healings to others - it will enhance your energy capacity profoundly
- Hold the yantra (in the frame) while meditating or for self-healing
- Have healing clients lay on the yantra for powerful healing

This yantra is a powerful, miraculous device to help humanity out of its suffering.

You can read more about this yantra in the book The Real Life And Teachings Of Jesus Christ, by Sri Kaleshwar — also available as a downloadable PDF

Each J.C. Yantra is approximately 12” x 12” — the corresponding frame is slightly larger.
Each plexiglass frame comes with a clear attachment for easy hanging.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for creation/delivery of your yantra


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