The Real Life & Teachings of Jesus Christ Satsang (Discussion) Series Part 1


Satsangs 1 – 24
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“Even though Jesus was an amazing loving person, the reason he demonstrated miracles and powers was to make the channels open to any person. And he made a very strong deal to take care of whatever comes in the planet. No matter how much pain is in the planet, he took that pain. The bottom line, Jesus wants to heal painful hearts. His biggest desire is that we all need to turn like him, more than him.” – Sri Kaleshwar  

From April 23rd, 2020, until April 22nd, 2021 — an entire year! — global inspirational leader and UCBK’s master healer Alx Uttermann facilitated a weekly satsang (spiritual discussion) webinar series in the depths of the entire book by miracle healing saint Sri Kaleshwar, The Real Life And Teachings Of Jesus Christ.

(You can purchase this luminous, extraordinary book as a downloadable PDF file here.)

The group read every word in the book together, and spent each satsang session discussing the meaning, the depth, the mechanisms, the experiences around the ascended masters, and the powerful teachings of Sri Kaleshwar about Jesus’ life and times in India, sometimes paragraph by paragraph.

Many personal experiences of senior students who received direct instruction from Sri Kaleshwar were shared, over the months of these discussions, adding an extra layer of richness and insight to the conversations.

This is a sacred mystery teaching, a book that is full of divine energy transmission and exact mechanisms about what Jesus Christ studied, and practiced, and demonstrated, over his lifetime (well after the experience on the cross in his thirties). This book is a treasure to humankind — bringing back many of the lost technologies and understandings of how the cosmic energy operates, from the angels to the Mother Divine and Her creation abilities.

The process of going through the entire book, step by step, and talking through the powerful text, as a committed spiritual group of participants, brought everyone who joined these discussions to deeper levels of consciousness and insight. The energy of Christ was flowing deeply through every discussion, leading the group deeper and deeper into the cosmic realities, every week.

Sharing this powerful series as a resource for serious spiritual students and healers on this planet is an act of love, and another divine step towards creating and supporting “The Jesus Generations” — capable healers, full of the Christ Consciousness, able to heal the suffering hearts and souls in our world.

Be prepared to have your mind blown, your heart opened, and your consciousness activated, through this powerful satsang series, and the healing presence of Christ throughout.

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