Jesus Christ & The Mechanics Of The Crucifixion Webinar


An intensive webinar on Christ’s crucifixion, understood through the ancient spiritual knowledge of India

“To our human normal eyes there is a crucifixion.
His blood was flowing.
He suffered for us. Yes, it’s true.
Everything is clear.
But he changed the night to day and day to night.
That’s a little difficult to understand.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

Join UCBK’s master teacher Alx Uttermann in a deep, intense webinar, putting together the pieces of what happened at, and through, the crucifixion of Christ — according to the ancient spiritual manuscripts from India.
How can we understand the truth of such a high-level yogic process?
This knowledge session held during the Easter season, 2021, explored the following dynamics in the crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus:
- The role of the Womb Chakra
- The importance of the soul mate(s)
- The ancient yogas, or supernatural processes, from India
- The link between the Maha Kali form of Mother Divine & Jesus
- The reality of the Brahma (Christ) Consciousness & how to access it
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