Innermost Healing Secrets: The Depth & Breadth Of Decharging 2-part series


Innermost Healing Secrets:
The Depth & Breadth Of Decharging
2-part series webinar

An intensive webinar series on the inner mechanisms, life-saving information, & spiritual knowledge about decharging (dissolving) negativity. This knowledge is a major part of the hidden, depth secrets of powerful healing, and of spiritual enlightenment, from ancient India.

The Depth & Breadth Of Decharging Parts 1 & 2

“It comes in the negativity, how to decharge.
The fundamental is a huge subject - very important subject… how to be aware of the negativity, how to take care of the negativity, how to protect yourself.
It is a big subject.” — Sri Kaleshwar

CAN human beings be positive all the time, ignoring negativity in our world and in ourselves?

How come certain spiritual philosophies preach about staying in the positive all the time, but the leaders crash and burn in scandals of all types?

Why is it that healers of all walks often develop intense illnesses or mental/emotional stress? (Especially over time?)

If there is positivity in this world, there is also negativity…. right?

Then how can we deal effectively with negativity?

“And you should know about kundalini, the water energy,
the full moon and the new moon — especially on the full moon and new moon —
you should know it’s the very top priority in your lives, to balancing the energies.
Charging and decharging, charging and decharging.” — Sri Kaleshwar

How does Nature itself help us with charging and decharging?

What is the role of the male-female energy in balancing and decharging stress, strain, and negative karmas?

Join master healer & teacher Alx Uttermann in a profound examination of the practicality, spiritual explanations, and nuances of the vital concept of decharging.

Years of transcripts from talks by miracle healing saint Sri Kaleshwar reveal an evocative, comprehensive, multi-faceted expression of what decharging really is, how vital it is to any spiritual practitioner (particularly healers), and the relationship between enlightenment stages and the understanding of decharging.

We will read powerful excerpts from dozens of these talks, and discuss them in-depth, giving each participant a deeper, richer understanding of decharging as a fundamental spiritual principle.

This series is recorded, and made available to participants unable to attend both of the live sessions, held in May, 2021.

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