The Power Of The Holy Womb Chakra


WEBINAR: The Secrets Of Mother Divine: Healing The Dramas & Traumas Through The Power Of The Holy Womb Chakra

A 7000-year-old spiritual technology to access the Source energy, wash out the dramas of karma, restore peace and harmony in life, in relationships, and in the soul…
"In the seed, a huge tree is hidden.
The roots, all the leave, flowers, fruits,
everything, is hidden in that seed.
It needs a process to put that seed in
the ground to make it grow.… means,
giving you initiation.
Initiation means lighting you, making
your soul vibrations link to the
channels of the cosmic soul.
Then it makes it easier for you
to access your Womb Chakra.”
- Sri Kaleshwar"

Where is the end of the turbulent dramas in each person’s life?

How can we understand the deeper meaning of, and disconnect from, the karmic blocks & the desires that lead to suffering?

How can we create balance, harmony, inner peace, and real happiness in our lives and in our relationships — especially the relationship with the divine?

Join master healer Alx Uttermann for a deep teaching in practical tools to heal ourselves and access the highest energy connection to the Divine Mother. She’ll share secret healing technology from ancient India, centered around the spiritual power and divinity of the Holy Womb Chakra (in both men & women).

The Holy Womb Chakra is a dynamic adventure into a 7000-year-old spiritual knowledge & meditation system.

Benefits of learning/practicing these tools:

- Wash out past relationship traumas
- Heal heartbreaks and painful karmas
- Re-ignite your soul spark powerfully
- Re-awaken your creativity & inspiration
- Replace dramas with dharma
- Strengthen the soul & prepare for your soul mate
- Heal existing relationship issues
- Awaken miracle healing abilities

Because this webinar involves drawing a yantra, you will need some art supplies!

- Colored pencils or markers (fine point better)
- Large drawing paper or artist’spad
- White-out (yes, really!)

If you are moved to draw this yantra on a copper sheet (highly advisable), please contact Alx at UCBK ( to purchase copper and arrange to have your yantra charged/activated.

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