Healing Mastery course in Los Angeles

Through UCBK

Heal yourself, your community & the world

with Global Spiritual Inspirational Healing Leader Alx Uttermann

“This is a PhD in Spirituality:
An initiation and training into the highest healing modalities available.”

– Alx Uttermann

“Whoever really wants to become a master, a powerful healer to pull the people’s pain, their negative energy, to take care of their souls, to really help them − you need to study a Ph.D.

To be honest, this is a Ph.D. program. This is a doctorate in spirituality. More than this, I can’t see anywhere in the universe. According to what I know, there is no more information necessary. It’s there, but this is enough.”

– Sri Kaleshwar

8 TRANSFORMATIONAL RESULTS AFTER A YEAR for you, your community, and the world:

1. EXPERIENCE YOUR CONFIDENCE as a STRONG HEALER: Through support & expert guidance, you’ll become a strong healer equipped to handle the pain & suffering of others, to relieve it effectively.

2. YOU BECOME HEALED: Your traumas/wounds are transformed and released leaving you with tranquility, clarity and renewal with energy.

3. MASTERY IN HEALING: As a soul doctor, you’ll have the skills to diagnose a variety of symptoms & have powerful energy tools to apply as ‘medicine’ leaving your community and clients with mind, body and spirit aligned, enlivened and awake.

4. A GROUNDED PATHWAY TO CREATING MIRACLES: You’ll clearly understand the specific range of miracle energies and how they function in the human energy system.

5. HEALING AT THE LEVEL OF YOU, YOUR COMMUNITY AND THE WORLD: You’ll have activated access to practical, powerful energy tools — high-powered meditation mantras, yantras (spiritual structure diagrams), basic knowledge of vaastu (Indian Feng Shui) to facilitate dramatic diagnostic/healing results – to create healing for individuals, groups, communities, and/or societies.

6. FEEL YOUR HEART OPEN & A BREAKTHROUGH IN YOUR PSYCHIC INTUITION: Your heart will be increasingly open; psychic abilities may expand as a result.

7. FEELING PROFOUNDLY AT HOME WITH YOURSELF, OTHERS, THE WORLD: Enhanced inner peace, balance, positivity, calmness, creativity, divine connection, and consciousness.

8. EMPOWER OTHERS TO MAGNIFY YOUR HEALING IMPACT: You’ll be able to teach some of the basic healing systems to others, and be formally empowered to serve others, as a minister/healer.

Wondering if this program is for you?

Join Alx Uttermann and some of the students in the 2021-22 Healing Mastery Program for an informative presentation with Q&A about what you can expect from this program. This presentation includes a healing meditation — from the mastery students + Alx — for all to receive and enjoy the energy.

How Alx does this with and for you:

12 intensive full-spectrum teachings a year – private/semi-private (with exclusive small group). This provides more than a strong foundation for you to access a wide range of spiritual technology for self-healing and healing others.


1 small-group healing, consult & check-in session every two weeks, for support. Experience/expand your confidence as a strong healer. These healing check-in consultations accelerate your own healing process: you will access more tranquility, clarity and renewal with energy as you dissolve your own traumas/wounds.


Automatic sponsorship in bi-monthly healing fire homas (ceremonies). Recharge your inner peace, balance, positivity, calmness, creativity, divine connection, consciousness, and healing abilities.


Free membership in a weekly online satsang group (on-going discussions/support). Answer your questions, provide additional support & community inspiration to your development process.


Access to a pre-recorded webinar library to fill in more knowledge/spiritual technology.

Who is this training for:

YOU’VE HAD A LIFELONG DESIRE FOR MASTERY: You have tried a lot of programs and you seek more SHC – Spiritual Healing Capacity. An exponential quality of healing for yourself, others and the world.

YOU WANT TO BE ANCHORED IN A SOLID, GENUINE, FULL-SPECTRUM SPIRITUAL HOME-BASE: You seek practical, grounded and authentic spiritual tools to attain the level of mastery you desire.

YOUR HEART IS WIDE OPEN TO HEALING AS A HIGH FORM OF SERVICE TO HUMANITY: This is a unique program in the world designed to develop & expand your healing abilities not just upon individuals, but globally to all life.

Email inquiries to: ucbkmasteryprograms@gmail.com

Looking for more affordable training?

Rajata (Silver) Mastery Training offers a more affordable, mentored alternative to the Global Healing Mastery Training.

Rajata (Silver) Level - 1-Year Mastery Group Training

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