Deciphering The Healing Code: Freeing Stuck Souls (Negative Spirits/Ghosts)


“Spirits aren’t really bad. They are painful, injured souls. The healer must send the love, not giving any punishment to them.” – Sri Kaleshwar

Negative spirits, or ghosts, are a part of the structure of our world, and frequently are a source of stress, confusion, and negativity in people’s daily lives. From poltergeists making mischief in a home, to individual possessions of human beings, there is a wide range of experiences that are possible to have with negative spirits, and a wide range of spiritual techniques that help to heal these souls, and encourage them to get unstuck, to go peacefully to their next lifetime instead of hanging around and disturbing homes, communities, families, or individuals.

This pre-recorded webinar, with master healer Alx Uttermann, will cover many of the simple, powerful techniques given by Sri Kaleshwar over many years of his teachings on this fascinating subject — a full range, from tools for total beginners to more advanced techniques as well.

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A case study of a negative spirit (this was a toddler who died in an accident) possession and its healing through these techniques…

July 2020
One year ago August, I was reading in my living room late at night. I was surprised when my twelve year old son came staggering, zombie-style, down the steps, bounced off the railing, bounced off the end table and didn't respond to his name.

I followed him into the bedroom where my husband was sleeping and steered my son to the bed. I couldn't wake him, my husband couldn't wake him. At first it was a little funny.

He was mumbling “Mamama! Mama luuuvvv vooo,” like a very small child. After about ten minutes, he woke with a start and a gasp, utterly terrified. When he woke completely, he went back to bed — only to return in a similar fashion.

After a week, no longer even a little amusing, we consulted our pediatrician who requested a sleep study. We had to wait until November for one overnight visit.

Needless to say, our entire family was thrown into absolute misery. Night after night, he would make his way downstairs, and aggressively snuggle like a two year old, murmuring “Mamama luuvvv vuuuu,” over and over again. Sometimes once a night, sometimes three. Nothing seemed to explain his walking. Not exercise, not diet, nothing.

My husband and I were shocked when the sleep study revealed nothing abnormal at all. We were reluctant to drug him. We figured he would grow out of it and by January and through February, things calmed down. March was crazy. Every night, at least twice, this walking would occur.

Now he is thirteen, tall and athletic, and it took both of us to hold him down until we could wake him. Sometimes he wanted to run or leave, get away. Both my husband and I suffered bruises, sore ribs, etc., during these difficult weeks.

My son had no memory of these nights. He begged forgiveness for hurting us. It was very hard to find a sleep specialist for children, especially during a pandemic.

So I wrote to Alx, asking for help. She asked questions and looked at pictures, she took a complete history of my son.

She gave me tasks to do. At first very simple, then less simple and then she sent me sacred tools. We put these to task immediately and within ten days, his walking slowed almost to a stop.

If he comes down, it's already morning. And he is calm.

A hug is all it takes, now, and he is sleeping normally — and our family is back to normal. He is so much happier, and well-rested. No meds, no tests, just this intervention from Alx. Different world.

The blessed rosewater she gave us put a lid on it. I circled the house with it. The woods around our home no longer feel so dark and creepy. More peaceful.

I am so grateful to Alx and her skills, her loving understanding, that there are no words.

— Scarlett O., NY

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