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“I have known Alx as a teacher and friend for five years now. During that time, she has always impressed me with her deep knowledge of the Divine, her developed healing abilities, and her incredible enthusiasm and energy for all she does.

Alx has performed healings for me. She has initiated me in remarkable spiritual processes. She has taught countless classes and events that I have attended. Alx has led groups of us to powerful energetic spots on three continents. And always, always, always, she has done these things with the utmost grace, integrity, and humor.

She is a humble leader; I always know that she is in charge yet never feel pressured, belittled, or manipulated. I have felt such negativity from others in Alx’s position. Never from her. Alx knows her gifts, knows her qualities. She never abuses them or those around her because she has been in and through the fire and so is both humble about herself and comfortable in her own skin.

But Alx is even more than that. I save the best for last. For when you are with Alx, you are in the Energy. Whatever she does, Alx is connected to God, Source, the Mother, you name it. And you can feel it. Alx has been trained, tempered, and tested by the very best spiritual teachers: Swami Sai Kaleshwar and Shirdi Sai Baba. She has come through that process luminescent. You will know it, see it, feel it the first time you meet her. Alx Uttermann is the real deal.”

John Salatti,

Los Angeles/Germany

“Jonathan and Alx have been good students with me for some years. You can really take the knowledge from them.”
Sri Kaleshwar

Miracle healing saint & teacher, Penukonda, India

“Just thank you so much for such a great healing experience – I am really still feeling it. Wow!!!!”
Kimberley Jeanne J.,

Los Angeles, California

“The beautiful energy and pure love that emanates from Alx is amazing! No matter what walk of life you come from, she has information that is extremely beneficial to you, your soul, and the world.”
Amanda Perkins

Santa Monica, California

“After last weekend’s sessions, I have been feeling a sense of peace within – in my heart, and a sort of gentleness pervading where I am in the office. These last few days I have felt happiness/lightness in my person as well. It was most uplifting and good timing for the change. I must say, you guys have done a lot, a lot for Singapore.”
Kamala M.,


“”I will always have a special place in my heart for the two beautiful souls whom we are very proud to call our teachers. You have done more than your share to light up our lives.”
Vijyaletchumi K.


“Since the Jesus class I have been carrying the power of His love and peace in my heart. What a gift he gave us! Also, being given the locket is a treasure I will cherish… so grateful having this object containing His energy. OMG such blessings!

And then the extended grace and blessing of your Christmas gift ring…I thank you, dear one, soooo much! I am so happy and grateful to be a part of this community; your dedication, knowledge, wisdom, and tireless perseverance to the Bosses’ will is outstanding. Blessings always.”

Ellen Giamportone

Brentwood/Los Angeles, California

“OMG, there were five of us at this class and it was unlike anything I have ever heard of!

I felt like the tight knot of my illusions were slightly unraveled, there is a little more understanding and looseness of the bounded nature. I hope to learn even more at the next classes.”

Alma Bella M.,

Los Angeles, California

“We left the Womb Chakra healing session on Tuesday asking each other “what just happened?”

We sat out front in the car for a while in silence, looking at the trees.

And then we started waving at the Jacaranda tree and got so excited when it started waving back at us.

And we waved at some of the other trees and they responded and it felt like the whole world was alive and open to communication.
We felt like we were still swimming in the spirit realm.

Then we stopped by briefly at the cherry tree and Shinto shrine at Stoner Park.

Then had a vegan feast at an Indian restaurant and were finally able to talk about our experiences during the Womb healing.
George was absolutely blown away and says he has about 1000 questions for you.

Today, the pain is much less intense. I am functioning again. I feel more like myself.

I feel hopeful and importantly, I have had some absolutely profound revelations today.

All is well and we are both eager for more. Thanks for all you do.”

Roberta F. (and George B.)

Los Angeles, California

“I’ve felt the energy VERY strongly the incredible pain and anger I have been carrying has lightened notably. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Beki M.

Portland, Oregon

“Thanks again for your beautiful workshop. Seeing you, getting that blessing of the yantra, experiencing your style of teaching with its joy, enthusiasm and humor, our discussion of each individual student’s mastery and the difference in their charges or dharmic duty, it was all WONDERFUL and so needed for me. It has made a world of difference to me.”
Marie F.

Portland, Oregon

“Thank you for your teachings. They are heartfelt and delve deeply into the soul.”
Cynthia Gustin

Hospice Worker, Santa Cruz, California

“UCBK is a blessed place and healing soul hospital. Jonathan and Alx, who have dedicated their lives to helping others, are responsible capable leaders who do great work on behalf of humanity.”
Andrea W.,

Felton, California

“The healing work and support of the UCBK community has literally helped save my life. There are not words enough to express my profound gratitude and appreciation… Thank you! AND here’s a donation to make sure you can continue to save lives!”
April S.

Santa Cruz, California

“Thank you for opening your hearts to all of us and for your gracious teaching. It is like a ray of sunshine and hope in a crazy mixed-up world.”
Marselino M.,

Gilroy, California

“I can’t imagine my life without UCBK. They have helped me grow so much I cannot even find the right words to describe it!”

Dorene G.,

San Luis Obispo, CA

“Alx is an amazing, clear, dynamic teacher who deserves public attention and a wide audience! Her teacher from India, Sri Kaleshwar, has resurfaced ancient, practical methods for healing heartbreak and disease. Alx knows how to convey this to the West with tremendous humor, wit, and directness smoothed over with BIG LOVE!”
Sheilah R.,

Santa Cruz, California

“This master healer has the radiance, patience, and profound, miraculous aptitude of all the most revered legends in sacred texts, and in histories of divine lineage.

What is even better is the fact that she lives in our very own Los Angeles. She would not accept my highest praises, though-for truly she embodies the humility and truth of one who knows: where we come from, what love truly is, and how to give honor to the source of all healing and love.

Alx is a walking angel anointed with the gifts of the masters.

To my joy filled awe, I have personally experienced the power of her gifts in my own life and the lives of my five children. I have seen her transform people in a moment, in a glance, and a giggle or a heartfelt hug. The practical results of her giving out a 90 minute healing session to me 11 months ago have been astounding. I can honestly say, it powerfully and quickly turned my entire life around, and the lives of my children. Relationships improved, as if suddenly. Financial solvency came in like fire wind. Family disputes became settled in mutual beneficence, creative capacities have grown and continue to grow astonishingly, and health issues disappeared.

The power of love through Alx as a beautiful, Divine feminine bridge to us from Divine Mother, Divine Father, Jesus, Shirdi Sai Baba and Swami Sri Kaleshwar, is extraordinary. She is concise and to the point. She is amazing. She is full of the greatest stories that will open your mind and heart, and she is a full open ear, open heart listener. She has a razor sharp yet ultra loving way of cutting out the drama, egoisims and blocks that bind us to destructive patterns. She is like a comforting friend next-door who has patience, wit, kindness, clarity, wisdom, gentle yet unyielding strength and delicious cooking for anyone who enters her world.

I am ever grateful for the continuing lessons in my life, and I am in childlike awe of the grace of G.O.D. in action in my life since I encountered Alx and her team of angels.

My life is improving still to this day; very tough challenges solved miraculously. Wow. I am humbled beyond belief. I wish for everyone who is in need to have a chance to meet Alx. The world needs her now more than ever.

In eternal gratitude and service.

Harmony Blossom and the 5 baby Blossoms

Los Angeles, California

“Satsang was grrrrrreat! I love that you two bit
off a big chunk and got down to it. Also, that it
started on time, ended on time and had a brisk pace.
The topic sparks my conviction and dedication to the
healing process.”
Jill G.,

Santa Cruz, California


“The meditation and decharging techniques UCBK’s Jonathan Rosen taught me did have an effect on my PTSD secondary to trauma in Vietnam. My sleep has improved. If I have problems sleeping, doing meditation does help me to go to sleep 90% of the time. The number of nightmares I have is reduced significantly…. effective and a positive addition to my life.”
Chris M. DiMaio, M.D.
Retired Psychiatrist
Former Marine

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