Guru Purnima Process 2021 — Going Deep With Dattatreya & Mother Divine 7/16 to 7/24/21


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A special group meditation process from July 16th – July 24th

Monday, July 12th – LAUNCH CALL on Zoom (recorded)
Friday, July 16th – Process begins
Saturday, July 24th – Guru Purnima Day

“Welcome to Guru Purnima! Let’s enjoy the clarity and divinity and dignity. That’s our goal.”
– Sri Kaleshwar, Guru Purnima, 2010

$160 early bird registration (until July 9th)
$190 regular registration (from July 10th onwards)

Some sliding scale available… contact Alx for details

A special group meditation process from July 16th – July 24th

Monday, July 12th – LAUNCH CALL on Zoom (recorded)
Friday, July 16th – Process begins
Saturday, July 24th – Guru Purnima Day

UCBK is pleased to be celebrating the incredibly auspicious time of Guru Purnima (the full moon of the guru, on July 24th) with a special 9-day group meditation process deep in the energy of Dattatreya (the primordial guru energy) & Mother Divine.

This process is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, to join in generating a powerful healing energy together - walking into Guru Purnima as an energetic group, through the miraculous doorways of Dattatreya & Mother. We will be receiving strong, palpable blessings from the love and power of Datta & Mother Divine.

Soon after paid registration, participants will receive a welcome email and launch day information.

As July 12th comes closer, you will receive a process handout (PDF), including details and schedule for the 9-day process.

What is Guru Purnima and why does it matter? - Alx’ essay is a thorough, helpful explanation.

“The real success is to understand the Dattatreya energy… he’s the right person to bend the Mother Divine very easily.
All three characters, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, they really want to see the Mother Divine very badly. They know 100% she has the huge unbelievable dazzling attraction. Then those three characters are asking, ‘Why the maharishis, yogis, munis... (munis means all the saints,) they are unbelievably attracting only Mother Divine. Why not us?’
All the three guys have huge confusion. ‘How to understand Her? What is in her fragrance? What is Her
motherhood nature, to sharing with a lot of saints? She’s appearing and She’s giving incredible siddhis (supernatural abilities) to them.
Of course we can, with our own energy we can demonstrate some more ability siddhis. We can exchange the souls and illusion, throwing, Krishna character. And the Brahma character is throwing, sending the lives. Shiva is taking and sending the next life. We are doing so busy only with this business. But what about Her character? What is Her greatness?’ Then they become three – three in one. They came to earth. They were born as a Dattatreya.” – Sri Kaleshwar

This Process Includes:

- Group meditation process, deep in powerful mantras linked to Dattatreya & Mother Divine

- On-going support and teaching throughout the process, with on-going meetings online via Zoom

- Process group Zoom calls include in-depth grinding knowledge about the mantras involved in our process, Dattatreya’s role with Mother Divine, and with our own souls - especially as relates to healing
(all recorded for later viewing)

- Nightly transmissions from Dattatreya & Mother Divine power objects, including Shirdi Baba's brick, to support the process

- Special group meditation linked to livestreams from Penukonda, India (not open to the public - only for Sri Kaleshwar student groups during this special time)

- Members' photos under Baba's brick & other power objects for extreme blessing & upliftment during the entire process

- Automatic fire homa sponsorship and abishek on Guru Purnima Day

- - - - - - - -

SPECIAL EVENT coming as well: day-long retreat event & livestream on Guru Purnima from San Diego, new home of the UCBK Baba murthi! (Stay tuned for details about this)

“Guru Purnima Day, that day is the master’s energy. Channeling the master’s energy means my master, my master to his master, his master, then his master – the heritage of the masters’ cycles. There’s no way the illusions can hit, can touch, the masters’ cycles at the time. It is their energy.

That’s why they called it Guru Purnima, the moon of the Guru. A high percentage of that energy he’s controlling in his hands on that day. At that time he can create, he can make certain amazing things done in your life by grace of Mother Divine." - Sri Kaleshwar

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