Ganesh Yantra



Ganesh Yantra on copper with plexiglass frame

Got challenges?

The Ganesh Yantra brings the energy structure of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, into your home and your life — helping to dissolve challenges and obstacles.

The energy flowing from the yantra on copper brings a fresh, ebullient, enthusiastic energy into your space, as the Ganesh energy goes to work to support you.

These Ganesh yantras have been specially activated with the divine energy flowing through top power objects and processes at UCBK.

Uses of the Ganesh Yantra:

- Hang in your home on a South or West wall to smooth out challenges
- Hold when giving healings to others - it will bring the Ganesh energy to remove obstacles
- Hold the yantra (in the frame) while meditating or for self-healing

Each Ganesh Yantra is approximately 12” x 12” — the corresponding frame is slightly larger.
Each plexiglass frame comes with a clear attachment for easy hanging.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for creation/delivery of your yantra

You can learn more in depth about this yantra and Ganesh, through the pre-recorded Jai Ganesh! webinar.

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