Durga Yantra



Durga Yantra on copper with plexiglass frame

The Durga Yantra brings the powerful healing and blessing energy of Mother Divine to your home and to your life, helping create peace and harmony.

The Durga Yantra is especially recommended for couples — to create and sustain a smooth, peaceful, loving, balanced relationship. Excellent to hang this yantra in the bedroom, so its influence keeps radiating and blessing you as you sleep.

Uses of the Durga Yantra:

- Hang in your home (especially bedroom) for smooth relationships
- Have on your altar as an embodiment of Shakti, the power of Mother Divine
- Hold when giving healings to others
- Hold the yantra (in the frame) while meditating or for self-balancing
- Have healing clients lay on the yantra for powerful healing energy


Each Durga Yantra is approximately 12” x 12” - the correpsonding frame is slightly larger.

Each plexiglass frame comes with a clear attachment for easy hanging.

Please allow at least 2 weeks for creation/delivery of your yantra

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