The Diamond Yantra: Inside Mother’s Creation Point (Nada Bindu) Webinar


This webinar is an intensive in the innermost of the innermost of Divine Mother’s holy creation point — the Diamond Yantra (sacred structure diagram).

“Once you really can command on this chakra (Diamond Yantra), you are able to connect to all types of the cosmic.
It is the depth consciousness; it is absolutely the most ability chakra in the different human chakras.
It looks like a piece of art. But they did not draw it thousands of years back for fun.
If you really want to win the consciousness, you have to know where is your beginning point.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

This webinar is an intensive in the innermost of the innermost of Divine Mother's holy creation point -- the Diamond Yantra (sacred structure diagram).

Join master healer Alx Uttermann in this incredibly powerful intensive webinar (pre-recorded), learning about the inside of Mother Divine's creation energy & capacity, including how to access it effectively through Her complicated & fascinating Diamond Yantra.

This spiritual technology in the depths of the Divine Feminine is millenniae old, coming from ancient palm leaf manuscripts of India via Sri Kaleshwar.

Participants will learn:

- What the Diamond Yantra is
- How the Diamond Yantra links to the creation energy of Mother Divine
- Links to the Five Elements & the Sri Chakra contained in the Diamond Yantra
- Different mantra formulas allowing access to the creation point of Mother Divine
- How to draw the Diamond Yantra — A - Z, step by step
- How to put the Diamond Yantra on a copper sheet

The ancient knowledge, mantra formulas, and information about the Diamond Yantra is contained in this comprehensive series of six teaching videos.

In addition to learning Her yantra, participants can learn to put this yantra on a copper sheet -- to carry the activated healing, blessing, creation, & enlightenment energy of Mother into your home (so She is always with you).

(Note: It is helpful but not required to be familiar with the Five Elements Process, The Holy Womb Chakra, and the Sri Chakra Yantra to get the most out of this technology.)


- Notebook or something to write with/on
- Colored pencils or markers (fine points suggested)
- Large pad of drawing paper or sheets of drawing paper
- White-out (yes, really!)

- 14" x 14" foam board
- Masking tape
- An old ballpoint pen (dry or nearly dried out)
- a copper sheet or two - 12" x 12", 36 gauge recommended, to draw the yantra on copper

UCBK has copper sheets for sale! — contact us to find out more.

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