June 18: Datta Kriya Process Intensive


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$450 Early Bird Registration – until June 1st
$500 Regular Registration – June 2nd until registration closes on June 16th

Saturday, June 18th
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PDT

via Zoom
(Process & teachings continue into September 2022)

An online intensive webinar initiation into a powerful, on-going meditation process, Datta Kriya is one of the strongest processes to develop your soul capacity strongly, creating miraculous healing for others.

“Come to the Reality.
Your body is not you.
Somebody is making you play.
Who is that Director? Find out.
You can change at the last minute, but
He’s already decided whether you have
to keep playing the drama.
You have to keep playing the drama.

– Sri Kaleshwar

How can we understand the depths of the divine energy running in and through ourselves, and the world we live in? How can we use this knowledge to help the suffering in our world, through practical, powerful healing?

Who is generating, who is operating, and who is destroying - through us? And in our lives?

G. O. D. = Generator, Operator, Destroyer.

Dattatreya, the powerful energetic embodiment of all three divine energies of the G.-O.-D. cycles, simultaneously, is the most important character to understand, and merge with, in our planet. Datta is unique in his comprehension of and specialized relationship with Mother Divine.

The Datta Kriya Process is an initation that opens up into an on-going meditation process, in three layers, over time. Datta Kirya brings the understanding and operating qualities of Dattatreya to your soul — at the same time, creating powerful healing abilities in you.

Benefits of Datta Kriya include:

- Massive spiritual protection for yourself and your home
- Protection against depression and heartbreak of any kind
- Powerful healing abilities, especially for addiction, depression, heartbreak
- Ability to heal/bless/direct souls after they have passed from the body
- Getting more clarity and will power to awaken your inner spark

Datta Kriya is a multi-stage process that unfolds over six months - includes on-going daily meditation processes, two extra initations (one in the water element, one in the fire element), and layers of teaching along the way.

Join UCBK’s master teacher Alx Uttermann in this multi-month odyssey into the depths of Datta, and into your own precious divine self.

(And yes, this teaching will be recorded for those unable to attend live - but please make a point to watch the recorded video teaching THAT DAY as we will all be starting a 101-day process at the same time!)

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Special Note: Due to the powerful, dynamic nature of this process, Alx only gives this initiation/process as a live experience - it will not be available as a pre-recorded webinar in our purchaseable library of teachings.
She last gave the Datta Kriya Process to a group in 2019 — so this is not a process that comes around often.

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