The Chakras: The Energy Centers In Our Bodies A 14-Part Satsang Series


The Chakras – the energy centers in our bodies – are a deeply misunderstood chapter of spirituality in our modern world.  Generic depictions and descriptions of the seven major chakras in our body and their functions can be found in books and on the internet, widely.  And yet — there is much, much more to the chakras than the conventional ideas and knowledge suggests.

This series of 14 satsang discussions focuses on a 57-page handout of teachings from the ancient saints, or rishis, of India, via a modern saint-rishi, Sri Kaleshwar.  One of his dharmas (missions) was to give the exact mechanisms of mysticism — how the human energy system works, how it ties into the cosmic energy system, leading to enlightenment, miraculous healing abilities, and a strong soul capacity.

Much of this knowledge has been kept secret, in the hands of a few divine souls, passed carefully from master to student, throughout human history. This knowledge, and the webinar discussions of it, are like a Ph.D. level in spirituality.

This recorded series spans a four-month period from January through mid-April 2020, as master healer and senior Kaleshwar student Alx Uttermann facilitated these weekly vibrant, powerful discussions (satsang - literally, ‘getting to great truths through group consciousness’) with the live satsang participants.

Upon purchase, you will receive access to the lengthy handout material, plus all fourteen videos, as downloadable files on Dropbox.  (Please remember to download each video — as Dropbox will only play a limited portion and then stop without explanation.)

$160 for the series (a savings of $50)

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