Brahma Consciousness & Yoga Nidra Process Webinar


Pre-recorded Webinar
Join master healer Alx Uttermann into this powerful initiation into the Brahma Consciousness/Yoga Nidra (“divine sleep”) process, given out by Sri Kaleshwar in two parts, in 2005 and 2006.

“In the ancient days, a majority, Brahma Consciousness was everywhere. In that age, it took years, lifetimes, to reach the enlightenment stages. Nowadays, the clock, the time, is really moving in a beautiful way.
Who handles their Brahma Consciousness in a proper way can be in deep bliss, the real Brahmananda, Chinmayananda, forever, for the rest of their life.
How to connect to Brahma Consciousness all the time?”
– Sri Kaleshwar

Benefits of this process include:

- strengthening the inner (Brahma) consciousness, making your life more happy

- generating strong protection circles to keep your life peaceful

- learning to operate through the Brahma Consciousness to experience spiritual reality

- experiencing soul travel throughout any month’s time

- bringing the power of Mother Divine’s womb chakra (Her Sri Chakra) to support your life

- recognizing what is the soul, what is the consciousness, and how they work together to create healing

- experiencing Yoga Nidra, the divine sleep, learning what the soul is doing while you’re sleeping

- healing others while in Yoga Nidra

- experience the real bliss of the soul while asleep, then also while awake

We will cover all the parts of this beautiful process, including the transcript & different mantras involved in it.

It would be helpful — not required — if participants are familiar with the Sri Chakra Yantra before this webinar.

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