Holy Easter: The Yoga Of Christ Pre-Recorded


On Easter Saturday, 2023, Alx Uttermann gave a powerful 1-day intensive teaching and transmission, deep in the miracle energy of Christ… plus a special mantra (we intended for use on Easter Sunday but you can do any and every day) to receive the highest energy from Jesus Christ in meditation.

This webinar connected strongly to the Big Boss Jesus Christ — the greatest healer who ever walked this planet, in its entire history, according to Sri Kaleshwar and the saints of India. We talked openly about his life and times in India 2000 years ago, and what the inner mystical truths are, about the deep, ancient yogas involved in the crucifixion and resurrection.

Together we accessed his consciousness energy in special ways, and moved into developing more of the Christ Consciousness in ourselves.

Enjoy this special teaching/transmission of the Jesus energy!

“The bottom line, Jesus wants to heal painful hearts.
He’s an amazing pure crystal loving person.
Amazing pure crystal love. Like, love, love, love, love – do or die is the love.
His biggest desire is that we all need to turn like him, more than him.”

– Sri Kaleshwar

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