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Journey Into Shiva: The Infinity A Sacred Power Journey In South India

February – March 2024

Connect your soul to the ancient power source!

Join master healer, spiritual teacher & soul tour guide Alx Uttermann on this inspiring tour of dazzling temples & holy power spots sacred to Shiva, Dattatreya, & Mother Divine in South India, through Maha Shiva Rathri (one of the most auspicious times of our year).

This odyssey into spiritual experiences will trace the evolution & deep understanding of the consciousness of Shiva, and the divine souls (saints) like Jesus Christ — from their holy expressions in the West back to the source of ancient divine knowledge & yogic energy channels: India.

In each location along the way on this mobile spiritual retreat-in-the-world, Alx will lead deep group meditations & processes, giving specific techniques to access the different holy energies flowing — charging your soul super-high, linking to these powerful sacred sites.

The journey will include a 9-day stay in Penukonda, India, on the ashram of Sri Kaleshwar, during the highly auspicious power time of Maha Shiva Rathri. Shiva Rathri is when the veils between the material and the divine worlds are super-thin… and the consciousness is easier to access. Shiva Rathri in Penukonda is a doorway into the celestial.

This top power spot is a spiritual paradise for serious students of the divine, who want to experience the reality of this creation, the miracle energy, and receive the immortal blessing of Mother, Father, and Guru.


Because of varying levels of time and budget, we have created two different tiers of this power journey

Option 1 – the Paramashiva Tour (23 days)

Option 2 – the Mahavishnu Tour –  a shorter version, joining the Paramashiva Tour group for the last 12 days.


Paramashiva Tour (23 Days)

February 21 — March 14, 2024

$4100 = Early Bird Registration (ends Nov. 15, 2023)

$4500 = Registration (ends Jan. 5, 2024)


Bengaluru, Sri Sailam, Mantralayam, Hampi, Penukonda, Sri Kalahasti, Tirupathi

Limited Spaces:
Limited to 25 Paramashiva Tour Attendees


Mahavishnu Tour (12 days) 

March 2 — 14, 2024

$2100 = Early Bird Registration (ends Nov. 15, 2023)

$2500 = Registration (ends Jan. 5, 2024)


Bengaluru, Penukonda, Sri Kalahasti, Tirupathi

Limited Spaces:
Limited to 25 Mahavishnu Tour Attendees


– Alx Uttermann’s thorough tour guidance (advance reservations, travel arrangements, logistics) & itinerary

– Pre-tour Zoom meetings & teachings with Alx, to get ready for this journey together

– All transportation – to/from airports and on the actual trip

– All meals – in Bengaluru + on the road & in every power place

– All accommodations – from big cities to small holy temple towns

– All temple / special puja fees

– Alx’s special spiritual teachings (from Sri Kaleshwar & the Guru Parampara) in satsangs, meditations, and teachings in each powerful place



– Airfare to and from Bengaluru, India

– Indian visa

– Penukonda Shiva Rathri Program cost (approx $475 USD)

– Penukonda power spot creation cost (approx $108 USD)

– Temple & hotel batas (tips)

– Personal items / snack costs

– Indian clothing (required for temples/ashram)


Note: All participants will need to apply to attend, before being accepted to join this power journey.

Email: to receive an application

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Minimum Spiritual Process Requirements: 

– Five Elements Process charged

– Decharging Tools

– 9 Arrows

– Maha Kali Prayer

– Sri Chakra Yantra – know how to draw

– Holy Womb Chakra Yantra – know how to draw

– Basic Vaastu understanding

– Have a personal mantra

– Have a japa mala (lotus or rudraksha seed)


Other requirements: 

– India tourist visa

– Shots required/suggested: Hep A & Tetanus

– Okay wearing Indian clothing (some temples & ashram compliant)

– Must be okay walking some distances & up/down hills

– Must be okay walking barefoot

– It will be hot! (mostly dry) as summer is approaching

– Must be okay with spicy food / flexible about food choices

– Flexible about sleeping/not sleeping

– Flexible about lodging quality (it’s India, & we’re on the road!)

– Okay with long car/bus rides

– Okay with sitting in meditation (cushion on the ground)

People traveling to India from USA on a spiritual power journey
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