July 9 – 13: Guru Purnima 5-day Meditation Process


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Special 5-Day Group Meditation Process:
Melting The Five Elements Into Mother Divine

Guru Purnima 2022 Program

A 5-day meditation program & Guru Purnima Day celebration

$230 All-inclusive Early Bird registration through June 30th
$270 Regular registration (July 1st – 7th)

July 9th – 13th
(Process Launch Call: July 7th via Zoom)

“Guru Purnima Day, that day is the master’s energy.
Channeling the master’s energy means my master, my master to his master, his master, then his master – the heritage of the masters’ cycles.
There’s no way the illusions can hit, can touch, the masters’ cycles at the time. It is their energy.
That’s why they called it Guru Purnima, the moon of the Guru…
At that time he can make certain amazing things done in your life by grace of Mother Divine.”
– Sri Kaleshwar

A soul-uplifting 5-day group process, full of teachings, meditations, and transmission, up to and through Guru Purnima, the full moon of the Guru, on July 13th… available online via Zoom to anyone in the world.

We will be going very deep with the energy of the Five Elements, linking the Shiva energy to the Mother’s Womb Chakra, connecting powerfully with the lineage of the Guru energy and the high consciousness flowing, ultimately, through Shiva & Mother Divine.

This powerful process is open to anyone, of any spiritual level, including total beginners in this ‘new ancient tradition’ of spirituality from India.

This special process includes:

- A powerful daily meditation process connecting to the Five Elements & Mother’s Womb Chakra
- In-depth teachings about the Elements’ short-cut mantras
- Special group satsangs/teachings by Zoom for expanded knowledge & support
- Daily transmissions from Baba’s brick, 5 Element Shiva Lingams & power objects from Mother Divine
- Automatic sponsorship in the UCBK Guru Purnima fire homa
- Access to the Guru Purnima day-long event (livestreamed from our satellite temple in San Diego)

What is Guru Purnima and why does it matter? - Alx’ essay is a thorough, helpful explanation.

Note: all process meetings will be recorded and shared, for later viewing, and for those unable to attend the Zoom meetings live.

What is Guru Purnima & how can you get the most out of it?

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