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Los Angeles | Santa Diego | Online

Energy Healing for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being

Powerful energy-balancing transmissions address your mind, body, heart and soul

Private & Group Sessions Online or In-Person

We meet together as healers, as spiritual students, as serviceful people dedicated to making a difference in our community and the world.

Practical spirituality from many angles: group meditation processes, one-on-one energy healing sessions, spiritual workshops and webinars, training powerful healers, online satsangs, fire homas, sacred ceremonies, philanthropic projects, power journeys in South France and South India, and more.

Los Angeles

  • Spiritual events & workshops
  • Private healings & spiritual life-coaching
  • Baby blessings
  • Sacred fire ceremonies
  • Training powerful healers
  • Charitable works
  • Self-care training for health providers

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Healing Mastery Programs

  • A Ph.D in spirituality program for healers & spiritual practitioners
  • You become healed while learning to transform others powerfully
  • Work one-on-one & in small cohort with expert guidance from Master Healer Alx Uttermann
  • Become intimate with miracle healing energy for yourself, for others, for your community, for the world
  • Learn to share these healing systems & techniques with others as part of your soul ministry

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  • Live spiritual events & webinars via Zoom
  • Weekly satsangs (every Thursday)
  • Pre-recorded webinars available for download
  • Personal healing sessions
  • Group meditation processes
  • Live-streamed fire homas (ceremonies)

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Giving Back

As serviceful people we are dedicated to making a difference in our community and the world with our charitable work

In 2007 Alx Uttemann co-founded the Universal Church of Baba’s Kitchen (UCBK). We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, all donations and contributions are 100% tax deductible. We offer free healing sessions to veterans and our group members are involved in serving food to the homeless and charitable service.   

Everyone is welcome, no matter your religious/spiritual beliefs, or if you have none at all.

Master Energy Healer

Helping you heal the underlying root of your suffering

Spiritual teacher Alx Uttermann has been conducting healing workshops and trainings for over 20 years. Alx spent five years in intensive study at Sri Kaleshwar’s Soul University in India where she gained in-depth understanding of the stresses facing human beings, and the spiritual medicine – especially the miracles! – that dissolves them.

Alx helps others re-ignite their own inner healing mechanism, to create powerful shifts in their life and experience. Effectively healing the underlying root of suffering, as well as the many symptoms of suffering, such as depression, anxiety, chronic health problems, heartbreak, grief, PTSD, anger issues and addictions.

Healing the symptoms of your suffering; depression, anxiety, chronic health problems, heartbreak, grief, PTSD, anger issues and addictions.

Who We’ve Helped

Helped save my life!

The healing work and support of the UCBK community has literally helped save my life.

– April S., Santa Cruz, CA

The world needs her now more than ever.

“I am in childlike awe of the grace of G.O.D. in action in my life since I encountered Alx and her team of angels. The world needs her now more than ever.”

– Harmony Blossom,​ Los Angeles, CA

Heartfelt and delve deeply into the soul.

“Thank you for your teachings. They are heartfelt and delve deeply into the soul.”

– Cynthia Gustin, Hospice Worker, Santa Cruz, CA​

Thanks for your loving assistance, healings and just plain love.

“Thanks for the healing fire ceremony the other night. It was just awesome. Thanks also for your loving assistance, healings and just plain love.”

– Pamela Dearing, Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA

Our Goal

Our goal is to spread the light far and wide, to help bring relief, peace of mind, inspiration and miraculous healing to whomever is in need.

Watch Alx’s episode The GREAT Awakening Has BEGUN: Rise of a New Era of Humanity REVEALED on

Next Level Soul Podcast with founder Alex Ferrari – #1 best-selling author, podcaster, speaker, & entrepreneur.

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